3-Year-Old Program

The primary focus of our three year old program is to help develop social skills, group interaction skills and self-discipline.

We strive for a teacher ratio of 6:1 which allows our teachers to become more familiar with your child and to interact individually with each student every session.

Emerging skills include color recognition, letter recognition, cutting, painting and more. A 3-year-old is able to use critical thinking skills, enabling many problem solving activities to be offered through math and science. The daily schedule includes opportunities for language literacy, art, fine and gross motor development and music.

Kids need to be imaginative and to socialize, this is what fosters creative, well-rounded people.

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If you know of a child, aged 2 – 5 years old, who would enjoy our wonderful learning environment, contact our Director Jennifer Casillo at nsdirector@tbtshoreline.org, or call 203-245-8039 to get your child started!

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    Enroll your child by calling our director – Jennifer Casillo.